Key Facts

We are building a Central and Eastern European and Israeli venture capital powerhouse providing early-stage tech companies with capital and expertise to grow international businesses.

July 2012
Markets of operation
Emerging Europe + Israel
Target sectors
Software as a service, B2B/B2C e-commerce services, internet of things, cyber-security space
Budapest, Warsaw, Riga and Moscow
Total capital raised
Limited partners
50+, private
Companies invested to date
BVC I* 13, BVC II - 7
Exits to date
BVC I* - 4
*Including co-investment transactions

For entrepreneurs

We bring you DNA of principals:

  • Significant personal money of BVC team at risk, providing "skin in the game"
  • Strong alignment of interests is key, entrepreneurial approach to value creation
  • Initial investment in a single company: US$500k to US$3m
  • Follow-on investing: up to US$5m per company
  • Value creation: corporate finance (fundraising, mergers and acqusitions, exit), strategy, business development, corporate governance (Board participation)
  • Investment term: around 5 years
  • Deal closing: 2-3 months after the first meeting
  • Target stake: 10-25% with a Board seat
  • Target returns: 10x cash on cash

For investors

We provide funding and expertise to early stage tech companies in an exciting part of the globe with a goal to build profitable businesses with valuations over USD100m.

  • Sourcing: strong market presence and a brand that drives significant organic deal-flow combined with in-house top-down analysis
  • Investing: extremely selective in our investment process, requiring a nearly 100% "hit" ratio in our proprietary scoring model
  • Portfolio management: pro-active approach in helping build companies through business development, Board participation, fundraising and exit
  • Exit: our specialty product due to our previous background in investment banking and private equity
  • Funding: private money including significant contribution from BVC founders
  • Investor relations: focused on maximum transparency